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Frequently Asked Questions

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We add a more personal touch with our selection. We make house calls and meet families face to face. This is very important as families want Au Pairs to be vetted our Au Pairs also want to know they are going into a safe home. We also only place Au Pairs who have a genuine interest in working with children.
We offer many different options for families depending on their needs

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There are many Spanish Au Pairs in England and Ireland. There is a huge Spanish network in Ireland. They settle very well and are very like the English and Irish. They are very family orientated and are very social. They also rarely get home sick as it is only two hours on a plane home. They enjoy going out on day trips at weekends and they love to sample the Irish culture.
All profiles are vetted, medically cleared and all references are double checked by us. We work with agencies in Spain to try and get the best match for everyone.
Our Au Pairs are the highest paid in Europe and receive between €150 - €200 per week and our Au Pairs work no more than 30 hours. We are very proud to say we are the First Au Pair Agency in Ireland to advise higher pocket money and our placements are a huge success.

Happy Au Pair = Happy Children = Happy Home.

Our Au pairs do not do more that 30 hours + a nights baby sitting.
Depending on requirements it can take anything from one week to four weeks. Please be as specific in your questionnaire as possible. The Au Pair and family choose each other as we try and get everyones interests matching.
We advise 3 Skype interviews. Usually Au Pairs are nervous during the first interview so please speak slowly. The second Skype interview get the children involved and the when reaching the third Skype everyone is happy with the match and discuss terms.
Please remember that this is a cultural exchange program and it is important for all Au Pairs to sample everything about the English culture. The food, sport, places and everything else that makes us English. Many Au Pairs do their own thing at the weekend with other Au pairs but feel free to invite to join you for some activities at the weekend if you feel they would enjoy it. The Au pairs also teach children some Spanish and thankfully many of our families stay in touch with their past Au Pairs for many years after they go back to Spain.
Au Pairs are generally there for an extra pair of hands around the house.
- They can assist with getting the children ready in the morning.
- Preparing light snacks
- School drop offs
- School pick ups
- Light housework
- Tidying up the childrens toys
- Helping with the childrens laundry
- Helping with homework
Yes we do once there are English classes within 30 minutes of the house. We do our research on your area and see if there are English classes and other Au Pairs. They will need to drive if there is not a bus stop close to the area.
Yes this is very important as first impressions last. The Au Pairs pays for their flight over.
We send all of our Au Pairs an Au Pair information pack about their area and put them in touch with other au pairs. We also have links on thinks to do aod their area.
All bank holidays and 2 days a week. Our Au Pairs never work on Sundays and have another day of during the week which is usually Saturdays.
Usually they attend night classes as it suits Au Pairs and families The typical schedule is 7pm - 9 pm for classes. We will send them all that information about their area.
Please sit down and talk about issues straight away. Also let us know as soon as issues begin to appear and if they cant be resolved we can do a house visit and have a chat with both parties.
If issues cant be resolved we investigate the cause and then we can get a replacement if we can find a match. If the issues are the families fault such as hours or pocket money issues the Au Pair will be moved as soon as possible.
Usually it depends on the families needs and the average placement is 9 - 12 months with many staying on longer. This gives great stability to families and Au Pairs.
We are available seven days a week if there are any questions our families or Au Pairs want to ask us. Just drop us a call or an email.

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