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Elderly Companions

What is an Elderly Companion?

This is an excellent option if you have an elderly relative or couple that would like some company with them in the house. Unlike some agencies our Elderly companions all have previous experience and are highly trained in working with the elderly as many of our placement are nurses or training to be nurses. It is very important that they have the experience needed so that both parties enjoy the placement.

The Elderly Companions will have a list of duties and responsibilities. He/she will also be provided with a timetable at the beginning of the week. The primary function is to treat the senior man or woman with respect and be a companion for them. House work can be difficult for seniors so help is also needed with that.

Why choose an Elderly Companion

There’s great flexibility. You can choose short-term help (e.g., after a stay in hospital), or longer-term help as you require. You choose the amount of assistance needed; for example, help with cooking, cleaning, washing, dressing, shopping, looking after your pets, etc.

Research shows that, by enjoying the comfort of their own home, older people stay healthier and recover more quickly from illness or surgery. The stability and continuity of assistance will help you to enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing.

What if we need a higher skilled Elderly Companion?

We offer the safest option for families. Elderly companions can be short term or long term. Once the match is done correctly it is a fantastic option for families.

We also offer higher skilled careres if needed depending on personal circumstances. These are referred to as Carers and are more qualified than your average Elderly companion. All of our Carers are vetted, experienced and this is very important for everyone.

Building a package for you

Most families will tailor a package to suit their specific needs; below are a list of typical duties that would be expected of an Au pair within their working hours:

Conversation and companionship
Personal care
Organize outings to church, neighbours and shopping
Accompanying on hospital or doctor appointments
Reading to or assisting with reading
Writing letters, birthday cards etc.
Assist with clothing selection and personal grooming
Answering the phone; taking messages
Assisting with entertaining
Preparing and serving meals
Washing, ironing of clothes and bed linen
Vacuuming, dusting
Care of household pets
Grocery shopping
Putting out the bins
Assistance going to bed and assistance getting out of bed

What is the rate of pay ?

Our Elderly companions receive pocket money of between £100 - £ 200 depending on hours and the duties of the placement. Carers get an hourly rate as they are more skilled and need for specific conditions. They will receive an hourly rate of between £9 - £13 depending on skills needed. Please contact us for more information.​

How much is our fee?

Our fee for an Elderly companion is £450

Our fee for a Carer is £550

How do we get started?

Email us at and we will send you an information pack. We will then do a house call to check the living condition, meet the elderly person needing the companion.

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