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Becoming An Au Pair In USA

The US au pair program allows you to stay with a host family for one year, with a one-time optional extension. As an au pair, you will become intimately involved in the culture and family life of the United States. Few travel programs can offer anything close to this experience.

All you have to pay is £500 program fee and £100 as this will cover your round-trip flight from either Shannon, Dublin, London or Manchester Airport. The only other costs you can expect to incur are entertainment expenses during your stay with your host family. Please note that we will not ask you to make any payments until after you have been approved for your visa. Once you are matched with a host family, the average wait time for au pairs to arrive in the US is approximately four weeks.
When you work with us, we’ll help you with your embassy interview, the J-1 visa application process, we’ll supply you with health insurance, and we’ll fly you to St. Petersburg, Florida for orientation and CPR and First-Aid training before you start working for your host family. You’ll also receive US$500 toward your education at a US post-secondary institution and an income that will total at least US$10,100 during your stay! This works out at $180- $210 per week.
You will be expected to work up to 45 hours a week and you will have weekends off. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and would be ideal for some one that has finished school or college and would like to travel to meet new friends.

FEE £500 & £100 towards flight. Includes VISA and Training.

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